Geometric shapes can be seen everywhere in Markus Jenzer’s pictures. Initially he painted nature, the landscape as a whole; his later work reveals the inner laws and structures underlying nature. Geometric and crystalline forms have repeatedly fascinated him and challenged him artistically. In his later work he increasingly allowed them to emerge out of the movement of spirals.

F2 Hoch

This is also true of the colour pencil drawings, which have seen an increase since 2015 following a hiatus. In small format and with a wealth of variations, symmetry, geometrical structures and spirals are once more interwoven.

IMG_0079IMG_0067 IMG_0049IMG_0066IMG_0070IMG_0018 IMG_0093IMG_0000IMG_0001
Drawings (colour pencil, A4)
Symmetry and spirals take a prominent place in his later work.