Markus Jenzer
“Symmetry and spirals are something very special. They are not merely beautiful, but oftentimes necessary. They give us a glimpse into nature, where symmetrical and spiral shapes appear in manifold ways and correspond to the flow of life and the laws of nature…”
Markus Jenzer


2018 Piano improvisation: Aki Hoffmann, pictures by
Markus Jenzer,  Sun. 22. Apr. 2018, 15.30 h    >more

Solo exhibition Sat. March 25 – Sun. Apr. 23, 2017
Landscapes, transitional phase, symmetrical painting
R├╝ttihubelbad Gallery   >more

From September 2016 to January 2017:
Participation in an exhibition on spirals in the Sensorium of the R├╝ttihubelbad Foundation