Markus Jenzer - Übergang
Markus Jenzer - Übergang
Genf, 1981

Searching for a style of painting that went beyond representing the visible, Markus Jenzer turned to other techniques. He had already started to experiment with photographic works by the end of the 70s, at the same time as his landscape paintings.

With a magnifying glass he examined some of his images, photographed and enlarged colour structures and immersed himself in this microscopic world. Inspired, he subsequently produced small colour compositions which he later transferred to canvas in large format. Works from this period were also on display at Art Basel in 1978.

Art, Basel 1978

„Markus Jenzer has broken free of his earlier works; his inner fire, his actual reality has become visible. By greatly magnifying small sections of his Impressionist paintings he was able to open a window; a window through which one can peer and see what surrounds us, what fulfils us, what scares us and what delights us.“
Rolf Dürig, September 1978



(Approximately 6 x 8 cm)

In a further step, experimentation with mirror-inverted photographs led him to symmetry, which was to be decisive for all his later work.